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‘Don't move, you can't save it, it's too late.' “‘But that''re the police! The policemen held on to me for a few more minutes.

‘Doing a baby girl is not a big thing around here,' [an] older woman said comfortingly. Around these parts, you can't get by without a son.

I suspected that some were quietly involved in "good works," serving the cause of human rights while avoiding publicity. The wives of foreign businessmen and diplomats had formed an association, one foreign businessman and his wife told me over lunch in an elegant joint-venture hotel. They exclaimed over Christine's oversize bag when we walked in, knowing it would be filled with crackers.

Christine had a surprise for them that day--sneakers in bright colors and psychedelic designs, which she distributed to the barefoot children according to approximate size. Others seemed retarded, though the foreign volunteers were convinced that what appeared as retardation was often really a failure to thrive, the result of too little love and attention.

JAKARTA - The Indonesian National Police has said that a facial recognition analysis has confirmed that a naked woman who appeared in sex chats allegedly involving Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab is female activist Firza Husein.

Hery Cahyono, a face recognition expert from the police's Indonesia Automatic Fingerprints Identification System (Inafis) division, said the authorities used several methods, including biometrics, to check whether the woman who appeared in the sex chats was really Firza.

I had been warned, by friends and by the media, about the Chinese orphanage--the dying room for infants and the children being allowed to starve. I had expected the dying children to be crying, begging to be saved. They had no expectation of being comforted or saved, or even any obvious awareness of the two women passing by.

Within ten years, the academy said, one in five young men would be unable to find a bride because of the dearth of young women—a figure unprecedented in a country at peace.The midwife must have dropped that tiny baby alive into the slops pail!I nearly threw myself at it, but the two policemen [who had accompanied me] held my shoulders in a firm grip.' “Suddenly, I thought I heard a slight movement in the slops pail behind me,” Miss Xinran remembers.“To my absolute horror, I saw a tiny foot poking out of the pail.

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