Dating a minor laws in california

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When your teenage son or daughter is dating a fellow high school student who is still a minor after he or she turns 18 years old, it could be considered statutory rape if the couple engages in sexual activity, even if the sex was consensual.

However, the minor must notify his/her parents or legal guardians that a petition for emancipation has been filed or explain to the court why he/she does not want to notify them.

But what if the minor is emancipated from his/her parents? A minor who is legally emancipated takes responsibility for himself/herself before he/she turns 18, or legally becomes an adult.

In the state of California, a minor must be at least 14years old to be emancipated.

But there are many instances where non-consensual conduct is involved.

For example, there are seemingly constant stories in the media about nude pictures being taken of minors passed out drunk at parties.

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