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She is wearing what looks like a black dress, and also a white bowtie that is identical to Bendy's.

Like the other cartoon characters, Alice has Pac-Man styled eyes (each with a single eyelash) and also wears white gloves under her black sleeves, although her gloves have some sort of hole in their palm. Although very little is known about her personality.

As suggested by the quotes (which reads "SHE SINGS! ") from Alice's poster, it reveals that Alice can dance and sing.

Alice has yet to physically appear, but her poster can be seen hanging on the wall inside a small room located from the right side in the music department hall.

Two, they're typically low-quality or made by studios with a lacklustre pedigree.

Capy Games, meanwhile, is an independent studio with bags of talent.

Alice Angel is a cartoon character mentioned in Chapter 2 from Bendy and the Ink Machine.

She starred in the episode "Sent From Above" from Bendy's show, voiced by her actress of Joey Drew Studios Susie Campbell.

She worked her way up from a would-be cameo in a cartoon to a character so valuable that DC Comics dedicated an entire month of the year to her.Her latest incarnation in is no exception—and speaks to greater issues with female characters in comics.To understand how the clown princess of crime became a pop-culture lightning rod is to understand how the role of women in comics has changed over the last quarter century..(There are only 12 of those, you know.) Her books are popular; cosplayers find her various looks irresistible.But wherever she goes, Harley seems to court controversy.

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