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Contrasting on every cornerstone, “Little Paris” has a multifarious identity, reflecting its rich and controversial history through the wild juxtaposition of the timeless aristocratic values, a strong mark of the totalitarian heritage in recent history and the bustling, cosmopolitan lifestyle of the present.

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Coanda International Airport and City Center: offers daily service to the city centre. CITY ESSENTIALS – Transportation Bucuresti North – main train station (Gara de Nord) Address: Blvd.

Tutti i trasferimenti della carriera del giocatore con vari informazioni: la data e stagione del trasferimento, valore di mercato di quel momento, vedere se si tratta di un prestito e il riscatto pagato.

Bucharest is one-of-a-kind capital city no tourist should miss when discovering Europe.

It is a surprising mix of cultural influences, offering excellent relaxation opportunities and enriching experiences for the business or simply inquisitive traveler.

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