Dating yamaki guitars

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I understand from the second owner (Who I bought from) who has had it for past 7 years that he bought it from the original owner and it is 20 years old. Hi Bill, I have looked on EBay but I have been beat on EBay. I end up playing my telecaster and the rest of them are down in my play pen. I would certainly like to know more but I wouldn't place too much credibility on ebay listings/adverts.

It has a small gold 'Made in Korea' sticker on the back of the head stock but I can't find a serial number anywhere, even looked inside the rear body cavity. If the neck was replaced you will have no true way to date it or tell were it was made. The back of the head in black print is the place for all the numbers. My used Dunlop Cry Baby 95 WA-WA pedal came to day. I still can't do the steps, I have my pig nose amp and two guitars. You say....."Then we have a Korean 'Daion' acoustic on sale in Ebay Oz, which bears no similarity whatsoever to anything Daion (or Yamaki) ever made, and appears to be a blatant rip-off of the Daion name."If this means you know a lot about Daion? If you do then I'm all ears/eyes...are you like me just trying to piece scraps of info together.

I have just acquired a MIK Daion Performer Stratocaster in near mint condition. The biggest thing is I am at my limit of five guitars. Just my 2c worth - but maybe the truth is out there?

Jerry O’Hagan, clarinetist O’Hagan guitars were the brainchild of Jerry (Jerol) O’Hagan, then of St.

Louis Park, MN, a next-door western suburb of Minneapolis.

They started out making instruments that were partially or completely made of laminate, but your model represents a time when they were trying to compete in the high end all solid wood market. Properly set up I should think with that combination of wood it should sound great.

Values are comparatively low because of the Korean manufacture. In fact build quality of yours is probably quite high. As to value, I have seen this exact model for around 500 dollars.

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