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I love chatting and meeting new people so I figured why not check out a new place to do so. One of the items I had for sale on Ebay sold so I had to package it up and drop it off at the post office.... Its a cloudy day, we had some very strong thunderstorms last night with lightening that was striking the ground, the thunder vibrating the earth, once the strike and boom was so loud it scared me and I jumped. Today we drove a short distance to Chateau du Clos Lucé. Yesterday I caught up with the latest episode of “Blood Drive” which was probably the least offensive in terms of violence, gore and sex thus far.

I am a nerd, and love comic books, cars, Disney, books, etc... This chateau was offered to Leonardo da Vinci as a ‘home’ by King Francois I. The entire episode was presented as a bizarre surreal dream which I do not see the...

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