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Now the question is if options buyers are inherently taking a higher risk, who is on the other side of the trade with better odds of winning? Let me explain with a basic introduction to what comprises option premium, different types of options, open interest and an example showing how most options expire worthless.

Option premium, the value of calls or puts that you see on your trading screen has two components, Intrinsic value, and time value.

She was educated at Loreto Convent, Shillong and at Loreto House, Kolkata, she graduated from Somerville College, Oxford.We use the words option writing/shorting and not option selling, to signify that the options were sold first before being bought.Selling options is used when exiting options that were already bought.A team of CBI officers swung into action on Saturday morning, collecting storage devices from bank lockers to examine the Narada footage, a day after the Calcutta high court ordered the premier investigation agency to conduct preliminary probe.Led by superintendent Nagendra Prasad, a team of eight officers went to the regional office of a bank where the storage devices containing the footage were stored in a locker. Acting chief justice Nishita Mhatre wrote in the order, “I direct the CBI to conduct a preliminary inquiry without any delay and in execution thereof, to take custody of the devices and the CFSL reports which are maintained by the Special Committee in a bank locker, within 24 hours.”They also collected the laptop of Naradanews.com’s Mathew Samuel and the recording device.

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