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The Garamantes (possibly from the Berber igherman / iɣerman, meaning: "cities" in modern Berber; or possibly from igerramen meaning "saints, holy/sacred people" in modern Berber) were a Berber tribe who developed an advanced civilization in ancient southwestern Libya.

They used an elaborate underground irrigation system, and founded prosperous Berber kingdoms or city-states in the Fezzan area of Libya, in the Sahara desert. There is little textual information about the Garamantes, but their written language was "...a still nearly indecipherable proto-Tifaniq, the script of modern-day Tuaregs." Even the name Garamantes was a Greek name, which the Romans later adopted.

By early March 2003 my contact had got hold of me an example of the new Libyan 1/4 Dinar and very brief news of Libya’s plans for a new 1/2 Dinar coin sometime in the not too distant future.

It would seem that the very first of these new 1/4 Dinar coins to appear on e Bay opened for bids on 23rd March 2003 (it was at Bay ISAPI.dll?

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