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A quarter of employees have had issues with their broadband or mobile when working from home over the last year.

Almost half of those (46 per cent) have experienced such severe difficulties that they have been put off working at home again.

I have a vague recollection of watching a horror film called ‘Dolls’ as a child and the blinking reminded me of a bonkers porcelain doll and it distracted and unnerved me on the date. The blinking wasn’t the only reason but truth be told, it’s the one that stood out…

Readers, friends, and acquaintances regularly tell me that they have ‘well meaning’ people in their lives who advise them that if they don’t want to be left on the shelf (yeah people still say that rubbish) that they need to stop being so picky. ’ they wail and as I look through the long list of Mr Unavailables and assclowns, I suspect that they have no boundaries hence no limits hence they’re certainly not being picky…least with the guys they’re choosing to be with…

Remote workers have spent a total of £190million finding alternative ways to work over the last year – such as heading to the local café or buying a signal booster.

Six in ten (58 per cent) have fallen foul of sluggish internet speeds and patchy call quality over the last year The most common complaint (32 per cent) among internet customers is that their broadband speeds are too slow to allow them to work effectively, while almost one in five (18 per cent) suffer from intermittent connection.

You may come across quite exacting on dates and appear aloof and critical, and you may be saying stuff like ‘I can’t find a man who can cope with my success’. You ‘choose’ people that reflect what you believe about love, relationships, and yourself, and when you have negative ideas, you see and are attracted to people who ‘vibe’ with those beliefs.

You’ll likely not even recognise a decent guy if he jumped up and bit you in the bum!

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A fifth were also told by their employer to stop working from home after experiencing technical difficulties.

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