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These can often be seen in Google’s search results by a Top Stories section of links for the query.

Posted By John Doherty on March 9, 2017 in SEO Tactics A question SEOs get asked frequently is “what about fresh content for SEO?As of May 2010, Google now offers its users the ability to select search results based on their "freshness." When you perform a search in Google you'll see this feature in the left-hand sidebar of the search results page under the toggle link more search tools.If you click on this option, you can refine your search by the date when the content was updated, from "anytime" to "today" with a bunch in between and an option for a "custom search range." The inclusion of this type of specificity would seem to clearly indicate that Google cares about when the content was updated and uses this to give preference to newer content.Search engines, like Google, have their own automated “bots” which crawl all of the websites on the internet.They do this in order to index information about your site, providing searchers with the best possible results for their given search query.

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