Validating a volunteer organization

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The project will provide a web page with information about validation in a volunteering context, volunteers' experiences, links to a variety of tools used around Europe with summaries in English, and recommendations on how to best use web-based tools for the validation of volunteers' learning.

The project will also contribute to partners' and their learners' perceptions of the validation of volunteers' skills and to partners' abilities to organize validation processes for their learners and other volunteers.

This assures that while individual efforts might fail—a natural consequence of taking on risk—the total portfolio delivers.

More For reference, past DARPA research programs can be viewed in the Past Programs Archive.

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Validation policy for volunteering organizations – Va Po Vo project During the last ten years, many tools for validation of competences of volunteers have been developed and tested, on national as well as on EU-level.

After graduating with a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University, she began working with the elderly.As an indirect result both during the project and especially a..Forty years ago, Volunteers of America committed to serving the care needs of increasing numbers of aging persons.She published her first book, “Validation: The Feil Method,” in 1982 and another book, “The Validation Breakthrough,” in 2002.“My group work as a field instructor with what I then called ‘disoriented old people’ led me to discover that old-old people used people in present time to represent people in their past,” said Feil.

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